it's 3 am

by lady pansy

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released February 23, 2016



all rights reserved


lady pansy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

just an 18 year old writing bad music

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Track Name: it's 3 am
I text her i have work at 10 am
she texts back and says to go to bed
i tell her im not tired then she says its 3 am
but i cant go to sleep when shes not next to me
she's on my mind, she's on it constantly
and i can't wait for the day when you come home
to look in the eyes and say that i love you
we could go driving to the parks where we used to go
id surprise you with some tea when you're at the barn
id take to jade garden and we'd eat some rice
and know that im not lying when i say id spend my whole life
with you
Track Name: sweet pea
i love you with all my heart and no matter what happens in the dark
i'll be there for you
i love you my sweet pea, im your pansy, and you'll be there for me
your blond hair your brown eyes, your skin and your thighs
I love all of you
Track Name: sunflower
i am a sunflower you are the sun and i will follow you wherever you go, leave everything behind because you're my home, and nothing will ever mean more to me than you do
Track Name: spring and snow
spring is here, all the plants are growing
all the birds are singing, everybody is happy
spring is here, but the snow is still falling
this weather is crazy, somebody please save me
save me from this blanket of white
take me away to a paradise


i don't want to see anymore white
take me away to a paradise